So it begins


Photographer: Porsha Smith

Great evening!! Welcome to the Strokes of Freedom blog where I am SURE you will find yourself in an entry or two! I guess the first area of focus would be to tell you some about how this amazing journey to entrepreneurship began. It really all started from a very crazy night of crying in an effort to figure out what the purpose of the pain was. Then God instructed me to share my love and |honestly| need for writing  and that it needed to be given back to others. I have been a journal writer for majority of my life. As a child, it was always so challenging for me to truly express my thoughts or emotions. My household was not a Brady Bunch or Full House household where we discussed how we were feeling or where feelings were given labels. Not to any fault of my parents because I can pretty much say they were raised that same way. So anyway, after realizing what I had to do, I started to work on Strokes of Freedom. I have found SO much freedom and healing in writing along with restoration and just a release and I desire for other people to experience that as well! I attend different networking events and even in casual conversation, I share with people that we often times reach a point in life and realize we are carrying a ton of baggage with us. (some never realize this) This baggage can prevent us to living the life we were intended to live and in all actuality, it sucks and makes us miserable. We in turn make those around us miserable. I want for women to be FREE. I want us to stop for a second or two, unpack that baggage, focus on self, and heal properly. I want us to forgive anyone who has ever hurt/wronged us. I want us to forgive self & God. I want us to hope and dream again and then I want for us to help another do the same. If we heal, we spark generational healing for our families! Let’s heal!! We’ll chat about relationships and not just romantic ones but our family relationships and the wounds, scars and everything in between that we have yet to heal from! Purpose will be uncovered, passion will be sparked, love will be ignited and so much more! I am super excited about this blog and am I know you all will see the need for it in your life! I want you to experience freedom, self love, empowerment and purpose!! Get ready to embrace and live your best self!


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