Broken Places

Great afternoon incredible people!! I am hopeful you have been able to read the last post. Today’s writing will be pretty short. I’ve spent a good portion of my morning rejoicing and spending time with God. It has been absolutely phenomenal!! I listened to a message by Bishop T.D. Jakes (Still Friends) and the message met me in such a sweet and settled place. While I found myself shouting at my computer, crying, lifting my hands, and thanking Jesus for most of the message, the end of it left me with a desire to post for you all. Bishop shared, “The hardest place to trust God is in the broken places…in the wounds”. Y’all, where do I even begin!??! We have to get to the place where we really evaluate, heal from and grow beyond our hurts and wounds. Broken places. We have all been there. Broken places…it definitely makes you feel like life ain’t fair. Those broken places are nothing compared to the glory He will reveal…broken places, my sister, I want you to heal! I want you to be whole and I want you to be free…I want you to be able to shout I LOVE ME!! There is so much we carry throughout life which continues to break us…set yourselves free!

…more to come…


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