So typically, when we talk about commitment, it’s normally centered on indiviuals having commitment issues. Like, they can’t commit in relationships, never finish tasks, etc. Would you believe me if I told you there is a such thing as being an over commiter? Well it’s true because that is my life!!! (working towards commiting less, lol) But yeah, I have learned that I will say, shout, scream, text, e-mail a YES in a heartbeat and shortly thereafter, realize I probably should have thought before commiting.  In these past few weeks, I have double booked myself on several occasions and felt AWFUL when having to cancel or make other adjustments. I am here to tell y’all, think before you speak and a “No, I’m not available” or “No, I just don’t want to” is completely fine. Here is your permission slip. I can trace some of the “yes” back to not wanting to let people down or feeling as though I was the only person who could do and be what they were asking. Hunnniii, that is so far from reality! Choose ye this day (lol) to not over commit. You will have so much more time for self, to do what you enjoy, to rest! Shoot, you’ll spend less on gas and all that too because you won’t be ripping and running. Siéntate (sit down). Being a busy body and everything to everyone will have you looking 60 at 30 and worn out!


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