Free your mind…

And the peace of God will follow! This is a lyric from a song I’ve listened to now for at least 8 years. I heard it while I was a camp counselor and fell in love. Peace in our mind is vital…like beyond important in order for us to function. We have to get rid of the junk…the craziness…the chaos…the confusion…the hurt…the thoughts that need to be rejected…and once we begin to declutter, God’s peace begins to flow through. God desires for us to have peace and to live at peace. The heavier your thoughts, the more weighed down you feel…Get light…get lifted. 😀

Whatever is weighing you down, write about it and release it. That doesn’t mean put it away or not deal with it. It means just the opposite…stand up to it and let it know who the victor is! That’s YOU in case you were wondering!


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